November 8, 2014

The Lagniappe Sessions :: Daniel Bachman

Bachman tips his hat to Jack Rose and William Moore. The Rose piece is quite reverent and he injects just enough of his own personality. Go listen, free mp3s.

Aquarium Drunkard

August 25, 2014

Aloha, Mahalo - RC Johnston

Aloha my friends. It's time for another release from RC Johnston. This is a live recording of Ralph from 2012 in Vancouver. Ralph had recently returned from a trip to Hawaii and was keen to play all his recent slack key style songs. This music was originally released over at Ryan Leaf's site along with some other performances that took place that night.  I recommend you check them out. The wave files for Ralph's show are there too if you would rather have those than the MP3s offered here.

Ralph offers up a healthy helping of Hawaiian style songs, almost all original and gives you a little background for each one. It's like sitting at the show yourself!

We're talking two sets, 15 songs and a whole lotta entertainment all for the usual low price imposed by Ralph. Nothing. Nada, zip.

All you gotta do is sit back and enjoy.  Oh, and you might want to let Ralph know you enjoyed the music.


Download it HERE

August 18, 2014

Robbie Basho Tribute & Film Benefit Concert

Saturday, August 23rd in Philadelphia

Johnny Brenda's and Alabaster Museum present a special concert in tribute to the late guitarist Robbie Basho. The event is also a benefit to raise funds to complete the first ever documentary film about Basho - titled Voice Of The Eagle: The Enigma Of Robbie Basho - currently in the works by London-based filmmaker Liam Barker.

The lineup includes performances by Virginia based guitarist Daniel Bachman, Glenn Jones, Maine based folk duo Arborea, and Chicago based guitarist/singer-songwriter Ryley Walker. ….performers whose work has been inspired by Robbie Basho's music.  A preview of the film in production will be featured during the evening, and a drawing to win a vinyl copy of the Robbie Basho tribute record 'We Are All One, In The Sun'...produced by Arborea for Important Records in 2010.  The album made Acoustic Guitar Magazine's Best Albums of 2010, 'Editors Top Pick' Guitar Player Magazine, Pitchfork 7.9, etc.  The 180 gram vinyl edition of the Basho tribute was released on the UK label alt.vinyl in a limited 300 copy edition and is now Sold Out (I've got one, do you? :)).

In addition to raising money through ticket sales, we are also shooting the concert and making a digital download of the concert film available to those who donate on this website.  

The concert video will feature performances by all the musicians on stage that evening: Daniel Bachman, Glenn Jones, Arborea, and Ryley Walker.  It will be professionally shot in HD on 4 cameras and directed by Jesse Sheppard, whose credits include "The Things That We Used To Do" the 2010 performance DVD featuring Glenn Jones and Jack Rose.

In addition to the concert, we are also offering copies of the concert poster, designed by Argentinian guitarist and artist Mariano Rodriguez.

August 17, 2014

William Csorba - The Bear Creek Child Cemetery


July 19, 2014

Please help with a little cash

If you're like me you hit the internet when you need some info.  If you Google Fahey you're going to end up on sooner than later.  The site is packed with info. It's a treasure. Thing is, is a hosted site, it's not a free blog like mine, it costs some money. The other day the site went down for a day and you know that can get a few people panicked.

And who the heck runs this site? Well, Melissa Stephenson, that's who.  She bought the domain in 1995 and in 1999 arranged to include the impressive International Fahey Committee content as it was developed.

Melissa has been the official webmaster all along.  The site recently incurred an unexpected $160 maintenance expense and I think she would certainly appreciate a couple bucks for the John Fahey cause. We are looking to raise a mere $160 here folks. Also, if in the event donations surpass the $160 mark Melissa will return the money, most recent donation first and then backwards from there, and we will take down the donation link.

Malcolm Kirton (IFC member!) has plans to redesign the site in the next year or so and donors will have their names listed on a sponsors page!

So please consider clicking the button and contributing anything, no amount is too small! You don't have to have a PayPal account to give. The PayPal link goes directly to Melissa.



July 16, 2014

C Joynes - 33

After a long time this one is avail again, you should buy it, I still love it.

July 7, 2014

Vin Du Select Qualitite 2014 - A Trio of Reviews

by Tyler Wilcox

VDSQ 2014
As the author of Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, Steve Lowenthal's name has undoubtedly become familiar to many Delta Slider readers in 2014. But Lowenthal's involvement with the American Primitive scene goes even deeper. For several years, he's been curating the Vin Du Select Qualitite (VDSQ) label, a limited-run, vinyl-only series. The concept is simple -- each VDSQ release features two sides of solo acoustic guitar work from a single player. The latest batch of wax is very much worth your time.

First up is Anthony Pasquarosa, a western Massachusetts guitarist who has recorded previously under the name Crystalline Roses. He's new to me, but on the strength of these two sides of gorgeous 12-string excursions, I hope to hear more soon. Pasquarosa's songs weave and wind beautifully, reaching celestial heights that will have you reaching for comparisons to the two Bashos (Robbie and Steffen). Not sure if Anthony's tongue is slightly in cheek when he writes that he uses the guitar "is my communicatory device to the extraterrestrial worlds and is used in the unlocking of interior keys." But the music is good enough that I'll take him at his word.

Sir Richard Bishop is a lifelong member of the American underground music scene, having co-founded the unfathomably eclectic, unclassifiable and adventurous Sun City Girls back in the early 1980s. As a solo artist, he's grabbed ingredients from gypsy jazz, psychedelia, Middle Eastern music and noise (to name just a few genres) and mixed them into a heady, consistently intoxicating brew. The globetrotting Sir Richard recorded his contribution to the VDSQ series, a three-part suite entitled Hypostasis, in Genthod, Switzerland (on a borrowed guitar, no less!). He sounds right at home though, crafting an absorbing, adventurous LP. Rarely straying from a mysterious, minor-key vibe, Hypostasis is another winner from a masterful, rarely disappointing musician.

Finally, we have Bill Orcutt's VDSQ LP. It's by far the most challenging of the three records discussed here -- at times it sounds as if the guitarist is attempting to destroy his instrument. But give it a spin or two and its myriad pleasures will begin to reveal themselves. In the 1990s, Orcutt led the delightfully named Harry Pussy, a wild and wooly band that skronked and screeched in a way that hadn't been heard before and hasn't been heard since. In recent years, Orcutt has concentrated on solo, 4-string guitar work, building up a thrillingly thorny catalogue. His VDSQ LP may be the best intro to his work that I've heard, abstract and at times atonal, but with dazzling runs galore and beautiful melodies occasionally emerging out of the cacophony. Orcutt's devilish and surreal sense of humor is appreciated as well; he sets the scene for one song by writing: "Imagine a white trash Basement Tapes and all the ghosts are drunk." Exactly.

Be sure to visit Tyler at Doom and Gloom from the Tomb!